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The Third Job  - Harbinger Press

A career criminal meets his match when he's hired to steal some priceless artwork

Dance Dance Necromance -  The Arcanist

A necromancee is dragged along to a music festival by his necromancer. No one has a good time.

Minor Mortalities  - Luna Station Quarterly 042

A hit-man and a werewolf get on a plane.

Cinnamon and Copper - All World'sWayfarer

A supernatural prisoner gets a visitor, and also there's baked goods.

(and i feel fine) - 'Stories We Tell After Midnight Vol. 2', Crone Girls Press

A found family of survivors navigate a post-apocalyptic Australia.

All the Devil's are Singing - 'Coffin Blossoms', Jolly Horror Press

A PhD candidate Summons a demon and accidentally enters into an unexpected contract.

The Wolf is Always at Your Door - 'Call of the Wyld', Wyldblood Press

A werewolf hunter and a magician go on a road trip that ends at the full moon.

Lesser Things Fireside Magazine

A preternatural spy tries to solve the mystery of her own murder.

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